Character Profile

Character Profiling 

Who: Chris, I chose this name because it is a commonly used name around the world. Through this name I wanted to make it obvious, that a normal boy, at a young age can be prone to a psychological disease.

What: Chris is a young boy of age 12, who suffers a disorder, MPD (multiple personality disorder) who talks about his thoughts and feelings to a camera that he is gifted at his doorstep.

Where: At his doorstep he is surprised to a gift, a camera. Which he brings inside and starts recording himself in his living room.

When: In the daytime, when Chris is alone at home.

Chris is a young boy who has MPD, causing him to have different personality traits which influence his moods and thoughts. There is sudden changes within his moods, as he unravels himself. MPD is a disorder which causes forgetfulness and causes him to make imaginary stories in his mind.


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