Editing Note

Editing Note 

Film: My film was shot through a Canon EOS 600D. For the editing of my film I used Adobe Premiere CS6 which was installed into an HP pavilion dv6 Notebook PC. The video and audio was all shot through the camera. Other than that music and sound effects were taken from online websites like http://www.jamendo.com and www.freesfx.co.uk/.com which were copyright free. In my film I used two different transitions, dip to black and cross fade. These were used to blend in the shots together. I added the title of the film at the end of the film along with film made by. I used a static tv video, which I downloaded from the web, and also a Warner Bros logo mp4 to add a realistic film touch.

Website: For my website I used a site called http://www.wix.com based on the promotion of my film. Using a given template I made a few changes of appearance to the website, along with the pages and all that was put into the website. e.g pictures, details on all the pages.The title of the film “Innocence” is found on all pages along with an edited picture of the main character.

Postcard Ad: At first I decided I would use Adobe Photoshop to make my postcard. But due to some difficulties I used other applications. I began with finding a frame template of a recording frame, which I saved and edited on paint cropping the middle section, I posted a closeup shot of the main character and adjusted it into the recording frame. After saving this on Paint, most commonly found on all computers. I opened an online editing website called http://www.fotor.com/creatives/photo-cards/all.com. On this I opened the previously saved image from paint and added text, like the date and venue along with the title of the film and a film festival promotion. Through this I created my final postcard ad.

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