Film Concept

Film Concept

Title: Innocence 

Genre: Psychological Thriller 

Duration: 5 minutes  

Institute: Warner Bros. 

The story of my short film revolves around a young boy, the age of 12, named Chris. He is shown as a character of mental disorder i.e MPD (multiple personality disorder) which causes him to have various personalities, all with different traits. Like angry, sad, happy etc. In my film the boy is surprised to a gift at his doorstep, after opening it her discovers a camera from which he starts recording himself. In the recordings he discusses his feelings and thoughts. These feelings are influenced by his MPD, which in turn causes him to have different moods, forgetfulness and also to create imaginary stories within his mind.  He reveals that he supposedly was the reason for the death or his parents, and justifies it because ‘he loved them’. By the end of the movie we discover that Chris, not only had made up everything, including the truth about his parents as they come home and he ends the movie by saying “Oh they’re here, my parents.. Okay I have to go hide this camera now”. This shows that he tries to hide evidence of his lies, also showing that he has have some mental disorder.

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