Character Profile

Character Profiling 

Who: Chris, I chose this name because it is a commonly used name around the world. Through this name I wanted to make it obvious, that a normal boy, at a young age can be prone to a psychological disease.

What: Chris is a young boy of age 12, who suffers a disorder, MPD (multiple personality disorder) who talks about his thoughts and feelings to a camera that he is gifted at his doorstep.

Where: At his doorstep he is surprised to a gift, a camera. Which he brings inside and starts recording himself in his living room.

When: In the daytime, when Chris is alone at home.

Chris is a young boy who has MPD, causing him to have different personality traits which influence his moods and thoughts. There is sudden changes within his moods, as he unravels himself. MPD is a disorder which causes forgetfulness and causes him to make imaginary stories in his mind.


Film Treatment

Film Treatment

 Logline:  Innocence is a short film based on a young boy named Chris who is gifted a camera at his doorstep, from which he starts recording himself, unraveling his thoughts and feelings. True or not..

Act 1: Chris begins the story as he is on a chair, in deep thoughts. Suddenly as the bells rings he gets up to open the door. At the door he finds a gift and decides to take it inside. Sitting on his living room sofa, unwraps the gift from which he finds a camera. Chris takes the box to a table, in the living room, where he takes the camera out of the box and places it in front of himself. He then starts recording.

Act 2: As he starts recording, Chris begins by introducing himself. “Hi I’m Chris”, with a wave. Then he says “I don’t know where this came from, this gift. Someone rang the bell and when I opened the door there was this box. So I brought it inside and opened it. And there was this camera. I don’t know what its for, but I’m gonna record myself” Chris then continues to record himself through out the movie, talking about his thoughts and feelings. He talks about being lonely, and no one ever being home. Then suddenly, changes the topic and talks about drawing. He then shows a painting. Next, he goes into his thoughts again and says “I could tell you something if you promise not to tell any one”. Indirectly saying that “last thing I remember they wanted to put me in an institute”. Chris talks about feeling betrayed, and hurt, feeling unloved even after he loved them. In a mix of emotions, he justifies what happened. Finally saying “I know who killed my parents”. After this the recording stops.

Act 3: Next the recording starts again as he puts the camera towards his face, looking worried he says “okay okay, I’ll tell you. I was an accident, I didn’t mean to hurt them”. Bangs his head against the table. Saying Oh what did I do? It wasn’t supposed to end this way. I loved them and always will. Yet again there is a shift in his emotions, from being worried/scared/sad he turns angry saying “why am I even talking to you? you’re just a camera.. you won’t make anything better. You cant bring them to life”. Chris brings the camera closer to his face and suddenly the doorbell rings, he looks towards the door and says “oh they’re here, my parents they’re home. He then closes off by saying okay I have to go and hide this camera, bye!” Then the recording stops and The End.

Film Concept

Film Concept

Title: Innocence 

Genre: Psychological Thriller 

Duration: 5 minutes  

Institute: Warner Bros. 

The story of my short film revolves around a young boy, the age of 12, named Chris. He is shown as a character of mental disorder i.e MPD (multiple personality disorder) which causes him to have various personalities, all with different traits. Like angry, sad, happy etc. In my film the boy is surprised to a gift at his doorstep, after opening it her discovers a camera from which he starts recording himself. In the recordings he discusses his feelings and thoughts. These feelings are influenced by his MPD, which in turn causes him to have different moods, forgetfulness and also to create imaginary stories within his mind.  He reveals that he supposedly was the reason for the death or his parents, and justifies it because ‘he loved them’. By the end of the movie we discover that Chris, not only had made up everything, including the truth about his parents as they come home and he ends the movie by saying “Oh they’re here, my parents.. Okay I have to go hide this camera now”. This shows that he tries to hide evidence of his lies, also showing that he has have some mental disorder.